All US vehicles require alteration foremost in terms of lights. The main differences between US and European cars is the colour of direction indicator lights and the lack of side direction indicator lights, front parking lights and rear fog light. All lights also have to comply with the European standard, which means that the lights must be marked with a respective marking. Vehicles with Xenon-lights also have to be equipped with a light washer.
More and more new vehicles have LED-type rear lights, which may prove to be technically extremely difficult to change. We have experience with changing these lights as well.
An incorrect alteration may impair the validity of the factory warranty. The cost of alterations is not exceptionally high, but it might be good idea to look into it beforehand and take it into consideration.
Vehicles presented for certification must also have an exhaust system installed at the factory, factory air filter and wheels in the original size.
We also offer the opportunity to have all the necessary work carried out by our electrician. All alteration work is carried out in our workshop at Sõpruse pst. In the event that the vehicle needs to have additional lights installed, we can offer various lights that comply with the EU requirements.
Work carried out by us meets the requirements of the Directive. Our work also comes with a warranty.